In the eyes of the ones who have nothing….Capitalism = Terrorism

Proposal For: "Gallery Night & Day, October 24th & 25th, 2003 @
Kunzelmann-Esser Lofts, Milwaukee, Wisconsin "

Capitalism = Terrorism

Who decides who is righteous? God? The populous? The global economy?

Does the minority of the population, who hold the majority of the world’s wealth, make the ultimate decisions, hold the moral high ground and decide who or what constitutes terrorism?.......Or is this all just ‘old hat’ and an old debate?

Capitalism is fighting the ‘Axis of Evil’….The battle has too many fronts and too many invisible enemies. Is this the end of capitalism? Are the sands of time running out for the USA and its allies?

In the eyes of the ones who have nothing….Capitalism = Terrorism.

Mon Aug 25 19:38:30 2003

'Computer cut religious imagery; why look any  further? ' Quote

This image  was created on a computer running Windows 98, manipulated and edited using Signlab. The finished version was cut out in vinyl with a Camm-1 Plotter and stuck onto board.

'Mass Production and The New Jesus and Mary'  Memorial design is now almost completely originated on the computer. Standard designs can be purchased from catalogues. My work as a memorial designer has involved producing bespoke designs for commercial clients who reproduce images over and over again.

Tue Apr 8 01:31:30 2003

Finished image 10"x 12"

vinyl over paint

'Where is God?'

Charismatic religious leaders and leaders of countries are our true Gods.......With their own icons of power and worship, they stand behind their symbols, the flag, the cross, the Star of David, Microsoft, the dollar etc.

This was posted and accepted

I just thought I'd let you know that your piece arrived today, completely in tact.  Not even bent!  I love the postal service!
Thank you so much for your contribution.
Melissa Muller
Sept 4th 2003

'Christ the Capitalist' The corruption within the 'established church' has been exposed. Has Jesus cast out the money lenders from the temple or is he charging rent? Jesus Christ, a symbol of capitalism.

Sun July 27 11:18:46 2003


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