The Paintings of Peter Bright @ the
7th Annual exhibition
'New Year, New Work'
16th January 2005 - 27th February 2005

It is engrained into our psyche from an early age that failure is a bad thing. From birth to death we are compared, or we compare ourselves, to people that have failed or succeeded. To be successful is to appear to our peers as socially, financially and intellectually superior. To fail is the complete opposite, to be ostracized by this successful society. Our preoccupation with success and its consequent obsession creates within us a crisis of identity. Am I successful? Do I appear to be successful? Do my friends think Im successful?  Am I a failure?

'Another Fish' Oil, Acrylic, Computer cut vinyl on canvas 2003/05

@ The Broomhill Art Hotel, Muddiford, N.Devon.
Opened by John Sunderland,
Chief Executive, NDDC

There are various ways of making work to recipes,each becoming a question of process and discovery, controlling chance. Taking paint as the main ingredient,arranging colour with simple brush strokes, dragging or pouring paint across the surface to reveal a vast range of effects. The act of painting can be reduced to its most simple and material elements, new materials can be discovered and played with......Is this really painting?..... what is the process/purpose of the creation? Behind the rhetoric and bullshit there must be a reason....otherwise YCRE8 in a prescriptive manner.

'Self Portrait' Oil, Acrylic, Computer cut vinyl on canvas 2003/05

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