The use of Religious Iconography

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'Mass Production and The New Jesus and Mary' Memorial design is now almost completely originated on the computer. Standard designs can be purchased from catalogues. My work as a memorial designer has involved producing bespoke designs for commercial clients who reproduce images over and over again. (See Fockbury Stencils)

Tue Apr 8 01:31:30 2003

The USA and its President ultimately decides the fate of the world. Castro has been in control of Cuba for 50 years and a thorn in the side of successive US governments. Is this a sign of tolerance?

'Where is God?'

Charismatic religious leaders and leaders of countries are our true Gods.......With their own icons of power and worship, they stand behind their symbols, the flag, the cross, the Star of David, Microsoft, the dollar etc.

'Who is Gullible' Women are more at ease with their spirituality than men. Men do not, apparently, easily confess to having spiritual or religious experiences. There is a large proportion of both genders that have no religious or spiritual beliefs, however, even with the demise of the 'established church' within Britain, there are more instances of religious experiences than in recent decades.1

'Christ the Capitalist' This is either a due to a genuine upsurge of religious awareness, or a propaganda campaign by 'established church'. In reality the corruption within the 'established church' has been exposed and unforgiven by our 'new moralistic' and self righteous 21st century society. Has Jesus cast out the money lenders from the temple or is he charging rent? Jesus Christ a symbol of capitalism.

Sun July 27 11:18:46 2003


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1I heard this on Radio 4, traveling on the M5.