In the eyes of the ones who have nothing….Capitalism = Terrorism

Capitalism = Terrorism

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"Gallery Night & Day, October 24th & 25th, 2003 - Kunzelmann-Esser Lofts, Milwaukee, Wisconsin"

Materials: Acrylic and Oil Paint with commercial vinyl.

This image  was created on a computer running Windows 98, manipulated and edited using Signlab. The finished version was cut out in vinyl with a Camm-1 Plotter and stuck onto board.

'Mass Production and The New Jesus and Mary'  Memorial design is now almost completely originated on the computer. Standard designs can be purchased from catalogues. My work as a memorial designer has involved producing bespoke designs for commercial clients who reproduce images over and over again. (See Fockbury Stencils)

Tue Apr 8 01:31:30 2003

'Christ the Capitalist' The corruption within the 'established church' has been exposed. Has Jesus cast out the money lenders from the temple or is he charging rent? Jesus Christ, a symbol of capitalism.

Sun July 27 11:18:46 2003

'Computer cut religious imagery; why look any  further? ' Quote



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