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Both these reviews are from 1990 the contemporary contact addresses have been replaced with later web addresses




THIS WINDOW-"JUDE THE OBSCURE" M4TR Tapes 002 avsilable from This is s tape of pioneering experiments in jazztinged folky introspection, avant-garde, vocalese all steamy cross pollinating into' a superb heady mixture. Featuring the many talents of Peter Bright, Veronica Henry & Steve Portnoi, This Window fashion their own distinctive sound which is both gritty & taut, whilst remaining highly accessible. They boast a commitment to their unique musical vision. Highly recommended music!

Jude The Obscure
Jude The Obscure

THIS WINDOW -"EXTRACTION" EE Tapes ET06 available from EETapes.From the same sonic team that brought you the wonderful "Jude The Obscure" cassette, roars this excellent musclebound experimental soundscapes & music collages. "Extraction" proves conclusively that they are no mere flash in the pan,with 'songs' that sting in the face,& playing that flays the senses raw. I clearly prefer This Window to any other current state of the artmixers that are presently popular.