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Only this link requires a password......March 2004

email for password putting 'Password' in the subject field. email addresses will not be forwarded or used in mailing campaigns etc. you will only receive a reply to your email containing the password.

I resign! April 2003

It was a complete shambles....I was excluded by their closed system 

Prediction March 2003

This essay was never submitted I was being excluded and blocked by Wolverhampton University's email checking system this was an insult to me and failure by Wolverhampton University. Shortly after this I quit


What they said about me 14 February 2003

Wolverhampton University + MA in Art & Design Network+Painting+John Myers+ Maggie Ayliffe

Mavericks 10 December 2002

Notes for presentation "Mavericks & Moms (mentors of mavericks)"

(The point of this seminar was to present my view that freethinking was more acceptable within the business comunity than in the Artworld)





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