A Leap of Faith

I haven’t exhibited a piece of my work for 23 years. The open show at The Burton Art Gallery in Bideford North Devon seemed to me to be the kindest way to reintroduce myself to the absurd ritual of rejection and possible humiliation by Curators and their committees’. I offered four paintings up for selection; three landscape inspired pieces and a figure painting of a semi erotic, partially clad nude. The landscapes were accepted....The nude was rejected....I'm grateful...Have I painted an 'Olympia', will she finally hang in a gallery and labeled 'his most important painting'. It is not and never will an important painting, none of them will.


‘View 2 Putsborough’

Acrylic and oil on canvas. Painted Sept. 2002


I entered the paintings knowing that 'Post Modernist' theories would not be high on the agenda, this was a treat and a pleasure. They would be judged on a different set of aesthetic values.

However I did these paintings on my own terms....I wanted to paint 'this' landscape and I wanted them framed in heavy gold frames....like a Constable. Have I created a 'hybrid'?


The painting left was painted from memory.


The horseshoe of sand that is Woolacombe Bay, constantly changes. The summer and the sun bring the tourists, the winter brings drama to the seascape.

The surfers and hang gliders, brave the seasons' changes.

The one end of the beach is the town of Woolacombe, to the other is Putsborough  and Baggy Point.

The painting right was also painted from memory.


‘Wet Weekend Woolacombe’

Acrylic and oil paint on canvas. Painted Sept. 2002


‘Sunset Over Woolacombe’

Acrylic and oil paint on plastic woven sacking found at Mill Rock Woolacombe. Painted Sept. 2002.

All of three paintings were painted in my office in Bromsgrove.

The painting left is a different approach, it has a 20th century 'Modernist' feel....the material is found and therefore has its own importance...the painting is naïve in its conception and looks dated and out of place in the 21st century.

The painting pretends to be modern, hiding in its Contemporary frame of raw wood and glass.....it would look good in a white room, where it could shout out its false modernity and lie about its authenticity and originality. It is an original painting from my head, however there isn't an original thought in there.

22nd Dec. 2002: 'Sunset Over Woolacombe' was sold at the exhibition, which was not really a surprise as it was the easiest one to understand. I hope the person who bought it enjoys it. This is the first painting I have sold in 22 years.


It is difficult to be really objective about this exhibition......part of me is saying its was all a waste of time and galleries are not the place to experience the spirit of art.......but I enjoyed the experience. The other people who exhibited also took the same risks of rejection. None of the stuff there was great art, however it was a collection of different people who actualy created, instead of just talking about creation. I admire people who just get on with things.


View 2  Putsborough from Mill Rock

Photographs of the exhibition preview were taken by Jacob Bright.




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