'Bonsai for Asthmatics'

Materials = Acrylic, Oil and commercial paint mixed with cod liver oil, marker pens on wooden frame.

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Two paintings called

Bonsai for Asthmatics
The Broomhill Art Hotel, Muddiford
Summer exhibition - 'The Small Picture Show' 5th June - 4th July 2004


June. 14th 2004

NORTH DEVON ARTS Summer exhibition – ‘The Small Picture Show’ 5th June – 4th July 2004

Broomhill Stable Block,
Broomhill Art Hotel, Muddiford, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 4EZ

The Brief:

The title of the exhibition is ‘The Small Picture Show’. All work must have the exterior dimensions of 36 x 31 cms, including any frame.

Exhibitors must be current paid-up members of North Devon Arts.

Statement: A non-homogeneous system, whose terms and relationships are not constant, allows language to break up, to stumble over the rules of its grammar, by necessity it has to respond radically to other linguistic components, creating a new linguistic order and syntax......

These images are made using cardboard stencils are refer to garden design....as an asthmatic gardens make me wheeze....even in small doses plant life triggers allergic reactions....even small plants.... Bonsai is not an option.

Photo by J. Bright
These paintings were painted in May 2004 in Woolacombe.

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